In-Depth Bank Reconciliations in Microsoft NAV

I like it when thing lines up as they're supposed to.  Maybe it’s a slight degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder on my part, but my personal well-being is dependent upon keeping certain aspects of my life in a state of tranquility. When it comes to my operations, and especially my finances, I don't want to come across any [...]

Barcodes, We Love You

Unless you’ve never been in a grocery store or shopping mall, barcodes aren’t exactly a novel technology.  We’re all familiar with ubiquitous UPC codes, but in recent years the advent of complex barcode technologies and the proliferation of QR codes for social purposes has people reevaluating just how important barcodes can be. Evolutionarily, barcodes are [...]

How to Balance Project Agility and Predicitability

A project manager is often seen dancing in the wilderness of scope creep, balancing resourcing constraints on the head of the budgetary needle, dealing with the inevitable boogeymen on the road to integration.  Your role as a PM, in short, is to remove obstacles that enable real progress. A formalized project implementation methodology and accompanying [...]

The Power of Collective Knowledge

At DMS we strongly believe in the power of collective knowledge.  In the history of mankind, never has there been more information so readily available.  Today there’s almost anything can be learned through intuitive searching, message boards, and web videos.  Granted, it may take more than a minute to learn the quantum physics (or does it? Minute Physics) [...]

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