How to Use MVC.Net on the Dynamics NAV Database Structure

[icon style="icon-arrow-down-a" url="/microsoft-dynamics-nav-resources/software-downloads/mvc-net-web-application-download" target="_self" lightbox_content="" lightbox_description=""] Download MVC.Net Web Application [/icon] So you’ve been asked to make a web portal for some Dynamics NAV data. You also have a desire to stay current and would like to take advantage of some of the newer web development frameworks out there. You’ve seen or heard great things [...]

Web Integration Options in Microsoft NAV

You’re a developer, and you’ve been asked to make a part of MS Dynamics NAV web accessible. Great! It’s out of the box in NAV 2013. Uh oh, it’s not 2013 yet? No problem, you still have options and should probably consider licensing, architecture, and integration interfaces soon. Licensing The first step is get licensing [...]

Software Build vs. Buy: What’s Best for You?

I’m currently in the process of buying a new house. I have two options: buy an older home that has as many of the necessities I’m looking for as possible, or build a new house that is customized to my preferences. The pros and cons are obvious for both, but making a decision between them [...]

The Key to a Secure Password

Whether you’re an aspiring computer hacker or just someone who values their privacy, password security is an inherent concern of the internet era.  If you value your data then you should value a good password.  The password is one of the gateways to your information, confidential or otherwise, and therefore must be as secure as [...]

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