Configurable NAV Payroll Export for ADP and other Payroll Solutions

From the desk of Tim Dimsdale

Shop Floor Insight has supported configurable CSV exports to popular Payroll Systems such as ADP, Ceridian, Serenic, our own Canadian Payroll product, and countless others. These exports are often tweaked to meet site-specific requirements or custom formats.

Common ADP integration customizations include supporting sequence numbers, batch formats, and dealing with extended columns that can be configured per ADP site. To address this and improve implementation speed we’ve introduced a configurable ADP export system that can also be used with other CSV exports.

The new codeunit is 23044129.

Payroll Codeunit

Once configured, a new “Configure ADP Export” action will become enabled.

ADP Export Setup

The batch format provides individual sequencing when used with either #, ##, or ###.

The sequence number itself is also tracked per export with the “Current Batch Sequence” field.

Multiple paycodes can be combined into single columns for increased flexibility.

The ADP CO Code, Batch ID, File ID ( the three fixed columns in ADP time files) can all be chosen and configured as well as total hours, paycodes, other fixed strings, an employee lookup, source lookup, and/or the employee name.

CO Code

The CO code can be defined globally with the “CO Code”, as well as having an override option for individual employees. Likewise the ADP File ID (employee reference) no longer needs to match the Shop Floor Employee No. If an “Export ID” is supplied then that will be used instead of the “No.” field, and if left empty it will continue to use the “No.” field from the Shop Floor Employee.

Employee Card
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Shop Floor Data Collection for Business Central

Shop Floor Insight integrates directly with NAV to capture work progress and material usage in real-time, dramatically reducing the effort to manage production and job data.

  • Shop Floor InsightEliminate manual time entry with barcode scanning for Production Orders, Jobs, Service Orders, and Maintenance
  • Capture operational data on the shop floor or in the field, including consumption, output, scrap, and quality
  • Record non-productive and rework time for advanced reporting
  • Record time and attendance based on employee shifts with exception reporting
  • Multi-level timecard approval from shop floor or NAV
  • Automatically calculate overtime, shift differentials, etc for direct export to payroll systems
  • Access via web browser to enable data entry from mobile devices in the field or shop floor
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