Why mobile warehouse inventory management is becoming more important

////Why mobile warehouse inventory management is becoming more important

In the past few decades, emerging technology has made it a lot easier to effectively manage warehouse inventory on an ongoing basis. However, as time went on, that technology improved by leaps and bounds, to the point where today's options far surpass anything that was available even five or 10 years ago. As a consequence, it's important for companies to keep up with trends in the industry, and these days that means going mobile for their warehouse inventory management systems.

The reason this is so important is that many organizations that automated in the past 20 years or so may still occasionally have to produce manual workflows, according to a report from Retail Info Systems News. As a result, processes become slower, more prone to mistakes, and therefore potentially quite inefficient. While many companies have adopted barcode systems to help facilitate a faster and more efficient warehouse management situation, the fact remains that even this can sometimes be subject to some issues.

Why is this important?
Basically, the idea here is that companies can only control things within their power to control. While shipping delays and the like happen and can be extremely frustrating, that's not something over which businesses have any say, the report said. For this reason, streamlining the warehouse inventory management process as much as possible on their end will help to make sure everything they do goes as smoothly as it can. That way, when occasional outside forces do cause a backlog, it's something they can deal with relatively quickly and easily.

There is a lot of potential risk that comes with not properly tracking packages in general, so using the latest technology to keep up is crucial, the report said. These days, that circles back to utilizing mobile devices that make every step of the process a little bit easier and more convenient to complete than it used to be.

Increasingly crucial steps
The reason mobile inventory management is so important is that most warehouses are starting to see more products come through on a regular basis, according to a report from Logistics Management. Recent studies found the number of stock-keeping units going through warehouses ticked up 18 percent last year alone, and average inventory increased 9 percent. Moreover, nearly 2 in 5 operators in the field said they were likely to see even more increases in 2016.

The more that can be done by companies to make sure they keep up with the latest technological advances – especially if they carry relatively low costs – the more efficient they're likely to be. In many cases, warehouse operators may even want to think of these adoption efforts as investments that will pay for themselves by increasing efficiency, often in short order.

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