Top 3 ways to use tablets in warehouses

////Top 3 ways to use tablets in warehouses

As dynamic and portable computing devices, tablets have quickly become the darling of companies operating in just about every industry vertical. Although any business could benefit from increased tablet usage, the technology has proven to be especially helpful for warehouse managers for these reasons:

1) More effective timekeeping
Many facilities still use pen and paper to keep tabs on the number of hours an employee works or when a worker first arrives, according to AfricanBrains contributor David Stephen. However, as is the case with any manual process, this tracking method is prone to error. To eliminate these issues, warehouse managers can use tablets to power timekeeping software. This way, companies can better track employee hours, using a device that is more portable and cost-effective than a desktop or clock.

2) More accurate physical inventory counts
One of the biggest issues with physical inventory management is that the structure of the facility may not be conducive to physical inventory counts. For example, some warehouses have many hard-to-reach spots. This is where tablets can be especially useful, as InformationWeek noted that these mobile devices let warehouse staff carry warehouse inventory management software with them to tight spots to accurately track and record stored items.

3) Easily access ERP from anywhere
The ERP implementation of powerful platforms like Microsoft Dynamics NAV is becoming increasingly common in many industries. In addition, many firms have opted to host their chosen platform in the cloud. One of the reasons why cloud hosting has risen in popularity is because it enables businesses to access critical information from anywhere. However, this benefit is lost if end users only access ERP via stationary hardware. With tablets, though, company leaders can use ERP from just about any location and better leverage the unique capabilities provided by cloud computing.

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