Staying efficient key to warehouse management

////Staying efficient key to warehouse management
As the economy recovers from a recession, companies have needed to figure out new ways to boost efficiency. Tim Aldred wrote on The Guardian that the less time wasted in manufacturing, the better businesses will perform. With tools such as warehouse inventory management software now readily available, organizations can be more productive and save money on the bottom line, no matter their size. Matt Grierson, a manufacturing business director, said most companies are improperly utilizing space, which leads to inefficiency. By better sorting how the warehouse floor is arranged, there will be plenty of savings to come. Placing certain popular products so they are easy to grab will be essential to an efficient setup. “Is your No. 1 product the easiest to get to?” he said. “If your pickers are regularly traveling the length of the warehouse to get to your biggest sellers, you’re wasting time compared to keeping everything nearby.” An article in the Wall Street Journal said manufacturing organizations need to regularly test to ensure their shop is as efficient as possible. This means looking at software to be sure it is in line with business processes, calculating stock levels to ensure everything is there and deciding on a working inventory policy to ensure customers are being served as well as possible. It doesn’t take much for an interaction with a customer or client to go wrong, so it is up to businesses to stay on the ball with how they operate. Manufacturing consultant John Tufts said on Multichannel Merchant that it will be up to businesses to also keep up with employees to ensure they understand what they are doing and check to see if they have any recommendations or advice. Getting their opinion and feel for business can go a long way toward making a manufacturing business efficient. To discuss Microsoft NAV solutions for manufacturing, join the Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing LinkedIn group.