Improving warehouse management for better efficiency

////Improving warehouse management for better efficiency

Having an efficient warehouse can mean saving time, money and making the company much better than it ever has been. Manufacturing professional Lee House wrote on Business 2 Community that organizations fail to make the best possible changes to their processes, but said doing things like adopting warehouse management systems can be key for an organization looking to become more productive.

"A warehouse management system can provide your company with greater inventory visibility and improved warehouse efficiency by enabling organizations to better and more accurately deliver customer order," he said. "Expedited orders can be reduced, and the ability of staff to quickly pick and ship products is made much easier. If your organization has yet to consider implementing a WMS system, it is time to start considering it."

Companies should also have a workflow in place that forces them to double check orders, Lee said, as this can be especially important once business starts picking up. New customers can be very quickly turned into repeat customers or individuals who will never shop with a company again, so making sure they are satisfied is imperative.

Other steps to be more efficient in warehouse management include:
– Keep the warehouse clean
– Make sure orders are organized to be easier to work with
– Ensure that senior employees are working with the system and on the floor to ensure all is well

Food Logistics said there are some other great benefits to warehouse management systems, including greater accuracy and visibility, increased integration with the organization, better productivity from employees and traceability.

"Traceability has been a big initiative for a lot of food distributors because of the obvious perishability of the products and the management of expiration dates," said Rik Schrader, an industry professional. "The ability to be very proactive in terms of making decisions as well as making sure that mistakes are not repeatable, it's really important to these type of operations."