Focus on innovations to drive cost savings in the warehouse

////Focus on innovations to drive cost savings in the warehouse

Saving money is one long-term goal held by companies across a wide variety of industries and segments. Reducing redundancies and inefficiencies is an especially effective method for cost savings because nothing is sacrificed except extraneous processes and procedures.

For companies with warehouse operations, the use of automated systems like a barcode inventory system and time tracking software are both solutions that offer increased automation and reduce the time spent on such tasks. By letting technology handle simpler operations, you also free up employees to focus on tasks that involve decision making and independent thought. If your organization isn't already utilizing enterprise resource planning software, it's time to consider the multitude of benefits provided by such programs.

Overall efficiency in the warehouse can also be improved with other systems like voice tasking, recently mentioned in an article from DCVelocity about increasing output and reducing errors on the work floor. The system, which uses hands-free headsets to communicate instructions to workers, provides informational directions while remaining passive enough to not jeopardize employee safety or focus. Voice tasking also lowers training requirements by providing consistent and thorough step-by-step plans.

Manufacturing Business Technology points out that other areas where savings are generated by ERP software are through predictive decisions and forecasting. The availability of holistic data about all parts of a warehouse's operation, from tracking production and inventory levels to shipping details, means that decisions about where to dedicate resources in the future become easier to make and more accurate. By following trends in the data provided by ERP software, companies can also make determinations about future supply levels and other considerations.

Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled "ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy" from the DMS website today.