3 ways mobile management improves your business

////3 ways mobile management improves your business
Mobile is everywhere, and manufacturers that do not adopt the technology fall behind. Nearly everyone is comfortable using a smartphone, and tablets crop up in various industries worldwide – including manufacturing. Here are three ways mobile warehouse inventory management helps your business: 1) Requisition forms ERP Software Blog extolled the benefits of mobile requisition forms. Every business owner should think about how much time, effort and money goes into writing and submitting a paper form. In the best case scenario, the employee knows exactly what they need, has the form within reach and hand delivers it to a manager or the CFO, who approves or denies the request instantly. In reality, this process takes a few hours or days. If the employee is out in the field, he’d have to make note of what he needed and submit a request once he arrived back in the office. If the manager is out of town, the request sits on his desk until he returns. What’s more, submitting requests on paper is a wasteful expense of money and resources. Mobile allows employees and managers to instantly submit, approve or deny requests, even when away from their desks. This is a great benefit for time-sensitive operations when everyone demands immediate answers at once. 2) Employee productivity According to an Industry Week survey, 80 percent of respondents believe mobile management could improve their organization’s manufacturing productivity by at least 6 percent. In fact, Wired reported mobility solutions increase productivity 57.3 percent – almost ten times the anticipated amount. Mobile allows companies to track employee time and progress. Management can easily see when employees are working, what their focus is on and when the job is complete. Mobile and GPS tracking are great to have in the event of an emergency, noted appsFreedom, a platform for mobile app developers. Safety officials can quickly locate every employee and are even able to see how long a coworker has been at a particular location in the building. 3) Maintain transactions Instead of piles of handwritten papers – time cards, inventory counts, etcetera – mobile management compiles everything you need into a convenient database or set of databases. This reduces errors such as lost records and missing data, assuring accurate inventory counts, time keeping and employee management. Interested in learning more? Download the “Warehouse Mobile Data Dynamics NAV Module Data Sheet“.