Texas county implements timekeeping policy

////Texas county implements timekeeping policy

Timekeeping software has been recently adopted by Hidalgo County commissioners as a more accurate way to track employee hours.

The Texas county had previously used biometric electronic clocks to monitor hours. However, a new policy was put into place, giving guidelines on how to use the updated solution as well as requiring the employees to put their hours into the system. The policy was put into place to offset phantom employees and other wasteful excesses, according to The Monitor. The new program makes workers and supervisors more responsible for validating records.

The order will stop such abuses as working an inadequate number of hours and colleagues signing in for absent staff. Revisions in the county's policies, such as the new clock order and rules relating to outside employment, are part of an ongoing plan to update the infrastructure and ensure maximum productivity.

The implementation of the new rule will help the county to save money and eliminate wasted hours. For example, if 15 employees receive pay for four minutes of wasted time per day, it would total 23 hours of additional pay per month, according to Advantage SBS. This could amount to paying hundreds of dollars each month for hours that weren't spent working.

Businesses looking to cut down on timekeeping issues should maintain complete and accurate records of all employees, including those in the field or who do not have immediate access to the system. Providing easy access to time clocks and establishing clear procedures will cut costs, according to CPEhr.com. Providing a break longer than 30 minutes can also ensure that workers will have enough of an eating period, thus making them less likely to abuse the scheduling system.

Timekeeping software will also help the county to maintain accurate payments as well as ensure a significant decrease in the number of employees abusing the system.

For more information on improving efficiency with timekeeping technology, visit the DMS website today.