Temporary staffing, healthcare and timekeeping software

////Temporary staffing, healthcare and timekeeping software

The Affordable Care Act's mandate that employees who work a set number of hours in a month be provided employer-supported healthcare coverage has unique rules for companies using temporary help or staffing agencies, so businesses using these kinds of workers should leverage timekeeping software to remain compliant.

Starting in 2014, some key points of the Affordable Care Act, which is also colloquially known as "Obamacare," will go into effect. Namely, companies with at least 50 workers will have to provide a set minimum level of health insurance coverage for employees working 30 hours or more in a given week.

According to Edward A. Lenz and Alden J. Bianchi of the law firm Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., the law is clear in regard to full-time workers, those consistently working at least 30 hours a week and people recently hired as full-time staff members. In addition, employees hired explicitly on a long-term but part-time basis will likely not fall under the law's "pay-or-play" provision.

However, the duo noted that companies utilizing seasonal hires or workers from staffing agencies may have a difficult time determining if the Affordable Care Act's heathcare coverage stipulations apply to them. In these instances, the act often applies to the worker so long as they are working the set amount of hours as stipulated by the law. In particular, the law does not necessarily say that these kinds of employees are variable hour staff members, and as such companies cannot automatically assume that the act would not apply to them.

For companies facing this situation, timekeeping software can help corporate human resources departments determine exactly for how long a temporary hire was with the company and whether they are entitled to employer health insurance coverage for their work duration. Considering the consequences that can befall a business that fails to comply with these regulations, relying on manual processes to track these hours can lead to disastrous results.

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