Many manufacturing decision-makers may be looking for ways to boost the efficiency of their operations these days, but it's often difficult to know where to start. There are many facets to the production process that could potentially be improved, so having the ability to identify potential problem areas can go a long way toward making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. And while ERP software can assist in this capacity in a number of ways, one solution that may often be overlooked is an automatic time tracker.

Indeed, plenty of companies that have decided to use ERP software as a means of automating the time collection process have found that it does a good job of both simplifying the process for all involved, and saving everyone a little bit of time, according to a report from Electronics Weekly. And depending upon the size of the company and the number of employees it has, that benefit can really add up. One business that adopted automated time collection saved two man-hours per day by switching away from manual.

Even beyond the fact that this type of switch saves everyone time, there's also the fact that the freed-up hours also create time for employees, the report said. That increases the efficiency of a manufacturing center as a whole, and in the end saves money.

An additional benefit
Further, some ERP options can now even allow workers to submit their timesheets via smartphones, so that even if they need to do some off-site work, everything is logged instantly and collected in one convenient place for managers to review, according to a report from the New York Times News Service. This can show companies when and how employees are working, especially when combined with other data from ERP systems. That, in turn, gives decision-makers more of an overarching view of where kinks in the manufacturing process can occasionally crop up, and as a result, a better idea of how to address those problems and prevent them from happening in the future as well.

Why adopt?
ERP options like Dynamics NAV time collection can go a long way toward helping companies run more smoothly, simply by cutting down the number of man-hours spent by both workers and executives when it comes to organizing and tracking this information. Integrating that time saved with the other helpful aspects of ERP, such as speeding up or simplifying the inventory process, can likewise go a long way toward ensuring that the entire manufacturing process is chugging along happily and efficiently.

The sheer variety of options that can be uniquely tailored to a company's individual needs is significant, and can help to make any company leaner and more effective when it comes to meeting goals. Consequently, this is an investment that can pay for itself relatively quickly.

Learn more about the benefits of automated time collection by downloading the free white paper entitled "Justifying the Switch to Automated Time Collection" from Insight Works.