Usefulness still the most important ERP trait

////Usefulness still the most important ERP trait

Developments in enterprise resource planning programs mean that certain technological advancements, like the increasing use of the cloud and access through smartphones and tablets, are becoming more common.

Considering the inflexible and monolithic nature of the first ERP programs, it's a good sign that software developers are keeping their offerings up to date to better meet the needs of their clients. However, there's still one need that trumps all others and will likely remain at the top of requirements for good platforms: usability. Enterprise Apps Today reports that maintaining and improving the ability to successfully utilize ERP software has the most direct impact on business operations and is therefore very important to both developers and users.

The article points out that developments like mobile use and cloud computing are used and will continue to be adopted, but developers and purchasers are not focused on these concepts as new, must-have features so much as business enhancers.

Modular technology a great way to improve usefulness
Companies in complicated, multi-faceted industries like manufacturing and warehousing want to have the most effective ERP software possible so they can boost business operations and remain competitive. Incorporating advancements like mobile warehouse management and automatic data capture into operations can create significant opportunities to prevent waste and save employee time, leading to more production overall during a shift.

An especially easy way to implement specific programs is through the use of a modular ERP system. Programs like Microsoft Dynamics NAV allow organizations to add mobile functionality to their ERP repertoire without a wholesale overhaul of the platform. Instead, new technology can be utilized in ways that provide the most advantages to operations. Whether upgrading or installing for the first time, a modular program allows the most flexibility at an attractive price.

Practical applications for mobile and cloud concepts
Research from Aberdeen Groups shows that one of the biggest current challenges to businesses using ERP is gaining increased access to systems, especially when off-site or working remotely. This is one area where cloud computing can come into play for ERP software, especially if organizations have more than one major production or storage facility. Similarly, inventory management can be made simple with a mobile solution, allowing an easily-portable device to provide continual information about stock availability and location.

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