Software to help changing manufacturing industry

////Software to help changing manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is an industry going through some changes, according to what Julie Fraser wrote in InTech Magazine. "People-centric manufacturing" is now becoming bigger and companies are equipping themselves with enterprise resource planning, warehouse management systems and other pieces of software to better prepare the business for quick decisions and answers. 

"New business models seek to increase value to customers by adding services and complementary products," she wrote. "So the offerings are no longer just static products, but are based on an ongoing dialog. In the end, determining what customers actually want and need is a discovery process. That means constantly changing products, triggering a need to improve how they are made."

Fraser said companies are now coming together with collaboration solutions to offer what customers need in a way that allows all sides to benefit. Products are also now made and sold across the world, changing the market conditions to where each company has to become more global. Without having tools for automation and improved process controls, some of these changes may be much harder for organizations, Fraser wrote.

Forbes contributor Louis Columbus wrote that he has visited with many manufacturers in recent days and found that cloud computing is one big sea change that has been taking place across many businesses. Organizations are coupling the software they utilize with cloud capabilities to capture better company-wide intelligence in order to get a better idea of what their customers want.

Intelligence becoming more popular
There are also services being designed that are becoming common across manufacturing organizations and allowing managers to see all they need to through a single dashboard.

"Managing indirect and direct channel sales from a single cloud platform tracking sales results against quota at the individual, group and divisional level is now commonplace across all manufacturers visited," Columbus wrote. "Dashboards report back the status by each rep and for sales managers, the profitability of each deal.

Fraser said manufacturing intelligence can handle the format, speed and mission-critical nature of many supply chains and deals these organizations will work with. It is now one of the best selling apps in the industry, she said, and for good reason, as there are better production and business results while using one of these systems, she wrote.

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