New supply chain technology could increase visibility, demand

////New supply chain technology could increase visibility, demand

Organizations that invest in new supply chain technology, such as time tracker or ERP software, could help improve the visibility and demand of their manufacturing organization. Computerworld UK said Marine Harvest, a farmed salmon producer, said they have employed new supply chain and process management programs to improve pricing and traceability. By April 2014, officials hope to have everything in place to grow and improve the company with enhanced product pricing and traceability.

With production across multiple countries and 70 percent of products being shipped to retailers, having software in place to help make sure the manufacturing end is being used correctly should help the company become far more efficient.

This kind of management software can be useful across a multitude of industries, as Healthcare Global spoke with industry professional Bruce Johnson, who said a good software solution should be able to help a company streamline and automate its supply chain, cut costs and perhaps save millions of dollars. Better alignment within the company and a reduction of errors are two big areas where businesses can see immediate improvements from a software or technology upgrade.

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