Mobile and UI are trends to look out for in ERP in 2015

////Mobile and UI are trends to look out for in ERP in 2015

In 2014, enterprise resource planning software remained an important aspect of manufacturing and distribution. New software implementations, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, created a lot of noise, but many things stayed the same. In an industry as volatile as tech, any stability can be seen as a good thing. Still, this software is greatly affected by developments in technology and in the industries they're involved in. Paying attention to the crucial trends that will likely impact the year 2015 will help businesses – including manufacturers – get a sound footing on how to select and deploy new ERP systems in the weeks and months ahead.

Mobile and consumers matter more
If there is any sector that is greatly influencing ERP, it's the mobile device industry. Smartphones and tablets have all but replaced computers as the primary way people and businesses interact with one another. The most recent survey by comScore reported that 60 percent of all Internet connections came from a mobile device, with 52 percent coming from apps that aren't Internet browsers.

As a consequence, many businesses will rely heavily on smartphones and tablets to conduct business operations such as warehouse management and sales. Consulting firm the Certus Group suggests that mobile solutions will remain one of the most important factors that a company should consider when looking at new ERP solutions. One of the key benefits of Dynamics NAV 2015, for example, is that its interface is compatible with most mobile devices, including those running the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

With these tools becoming the primary equipment of employees and managers, it's only fitting that interfaces are better suited towards mobile use as well. In addition, with more millennials entering the workforce, there is an increased number of people who are tech savvy but in a way that is more consumer-oriented. Considering this, Panorama Consulting noted that ERP user interfaces are going to become more important in 2015, with a look and feel that makes it so that nearly any person could understand the basics relatively easily. This can greatly help with the organizational change management that comes with any form of new implementation. Instead of having to heavily persuade employees on the software, the look and feel of the UI alone will often give people just the right push. Such new developments will greatly influence ERP software in different ways.

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