No matter how many policies a company initiates, there will always be external factors that can manage to get in the way of the company's success. While implementing enterprise resource planning software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV can increase efficiency and boost productivity for a company, not having the necessary skill talent to adequately utilize the technology can have serious negative repercussions. By hiring the right individuals for the role, you can ensure the system is being handled by qualified individuals who will be capable of getting the most out of the ERP software.

The April jobs number traveled into positive territory following a disappointing March report and the unemployment rate inched down to its lowest levels since May 2008, U.S. News & World Report noted. However, despite the rosy employment numbers, companies are still having trouble finding the right people.

One of the most perilous obstacles facing the manufacturing industry is a dearth of skilled labor. According to Manpower, a global employment consultancy, 38 percent of managers could not find the right talent for their company. This marks the highest percentage since 2007 and is 2 percent higher than last year.

According to the 41,700 hiring managers from 42 different countries who responded to the Manpower survey, skilled trade vacancies are the hardest positions to fill. Engineers, technicians and production/machine operators also landed in the top ten list.

Among the reasons for not being able to find the right candidates, respondents noted the actual lack of applicants as the primary obstacle. A lack of technical, experiential and workplace competencies rounded out spots two, three and four, respectively. Candidates wanting larger salaries was the fifth key reason for hiring difficulties. These trends point to the fact that not enough workers have the prerequisite training needed to succeed in today's manufacturing sector.

If companies cannot locate the necessary skilled labor, it can negatively affect the entire organization. While supervisors and managers need to ensure their new hires are adequately prepared to a satisfactory level, if the individuals swimming in the available labor pool need too much instruction or are simply un​-trainable, then the company will end up losing money in the long run.

Properly training workers
Most of the equipment and machines manufacturers use are highly advanced systems that require specialized knowledge to properly operate them. In addition, the warehouse management systems can be more complex and require even longer time periods to understand than the machinery.

In light of the lack of qualified candidates, companies need to invest more in their training programs to ensure new hires not only have the proper technical aptitude but also the necessary workplace skills. By focusing on industry partnerships to encourage more apprenticeships, businesses can help ensure they're part of the process in creating the workforce needed to operate the warehouse of the future. As internal business policies and ERP systems become more integrated and complicated, hiring managers need to do all they can to close this skills gap.

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