Improving supply chain management with software solutions

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Overseeing the entire operation of a manufacturing company is no easy task. With numerous warehouses, shipping channels and production lines to monitor, it can be difficult for business leaders to ensure that every aspect of the enterprise is working harmoniously. Communication errors are a common occurrence and can result in costly delays as product orders get backed up. Failing to maintain a proper level of enterprise oversight can be extremely costly for manufacturers, which is why many experts recommend enhancing supply chain management capabilities whenever possible.

BusinessNewsDaily contributor Ryan Goodrich recently argued that a major component of a successful supply chain management effort is the implementation of high-quality technology solutions. While many cost-saving options such as outsourcing and lean manufacturing methods carry with them inherent risks for performance hiccups, tech upgrades are typically a risk-free investment. Warehouse inventory management software, for example, can help managers better track shipments and available materials, allowing business leaders to coordinate disparate sides of the enterprise and minimize the likelihood of a delay.

LNS principal analyst and Automation World contributor Mark Davidson concurred that software improvements would allow personnel to leverage organizational data to enhance various areas of the supply chain.

"In general, software has revolutionized how business is conducted," Davidson wrote. "It's opened up the capability to capture and analyze large amounts of manufacturing operations and performance data, and for organizations to communicate and collaborate on issues, which was traditionally one of the biggest roadblocks for large and distributed companies."

Davidson also recommended that manufacturers, particularly those with operations stretched across different states or countries, implement a remote management software solution. With these tools in place, organizational leaders can better monitor operations across the enterprise even if they are thousands of miles away. There is also a growing need for mobile device software integration so warehouse managers and other personnel can streamline their data collection duties, such as conducting physical inventory counts or tracking shipments.

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