Supply chains changed by mobile warehouse management systems

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Mobile warehouse management modules have helped to change the way that warehouses are run and how inventory is looked at.

All item tracking traits can be supported by the module, bringing mobile devices to the front lines of the warehouse. The chosen solution's capabilities are extended through License Plating and Physical Inventory counts, included for advanced users. Directions can be sent directly to a mobile device, according to IndustryWeek. Purchase orders will be verified with the shipments while they are identified by barcode. When shipping, scanning a shipment with a mobile computer can ensure that the correct items are sent. A wireless printer will also create all documents necessary to send the product.

Wireless mobility is a major boost for small businesses. Fitting the technology to the function and goals of the business will impact how well it works. Mobile solutions promote operational efficiencies, reduce cost and improve service, according to Supply & Demand Chain Executive. Devices also provide real-time data, sending order from customers in an accurate and timely manner. Wearable, hands-free mobile devices are also available, ensuring fewer mistakes.

Remote applications have also played a large part in mobilizing warehouses. Applications like remote video surveillance and mobile voice simplify the monitoring of shipments in real time, helping to minimize losses. In fleet operations, remote applications can also check in on vehicles, minimize equipment loss and reduce risk.

Businesses with the technology have experienced faster customer response times and higher profitability by using the mobile module to increase efficiency and productivity in their warehouses. To make sure all devices and applications are able to effectively communicate and share information, companies should use a quality ERP platform like Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

To discuss Microsoft NAV solutions for mobile management, visit the Warehouse Mobile Module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV page today.