Manage increased consumer spending with warehouse inventory management software

////Manage increased consumer spending with warehouse inventory management software

Consumers in the United States are expected to buy more goods this summer, and businesses should prepare for the uptick by implementing warehouse inventory management software.

According to a survey of economists conducted by the National Association for Business Economics in April, consumer spending is expected to rise by about 2.3 percent during 2013, boosted in part by more bullish predictions for the motor vehicle and real estate industries. The Associated Press reported that these latest figures are more optimistic than a study conducted by the same organization in February, which predicted consumer spending to rise by 1.9 percent for the year.

"Home prices are going up, and with also the improvement in the unemployment rate, people will be more willing to buy," survey chair Nayantara Hensel told the AP.

As Americans begin making more purchases, companies should be sure their inventory control systems are able to handle the increased demand and keep store shelves and e-commerce websites well stocked. By adopting warehouse inventory management software, companies will have a much easier time overseeing this increasingly complex process.

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