Barcode systems help boost disaster recovery efforts

////Barcode systems help boost disaster recovery efforts

Thousands were recently forced to evacuate Calgary, Alberta, as two rivers flooded the city, devastating many homes and businesses. In the event of these kinds of losses, businesses can use physical inventory counts to accurately measure the damage.

Rivers around the city receded earlier this month after two days of heavy flooding. Three people were killed and 75,000 evacuated the city, according to USA Today. Unfortunately, due to the weather, businesses are suffering and must recuperate. The companies in downtown Calgary employ approximately 350,000 workers. However, with flooding damages, it's possible that many employers face difficult decisions to mend their establishments.

"We're all very concerned that if gets much more than this it could have real impact on infrastructure and other services longer term, so we're hoping things will subside a bit," said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a long-time resident of Calgary, according to USA Today.

In order to quickly determine the extent of the losses, businesses should implement a barcoding system. When a disaster strikes, assets could be rendered unusable, affecting other stores. Over half of all companies in the U.S. don't have a recovery plan, according to Computer Associates. Eliminating the chance of human error, the scanners provide accurate, up-to-date information on the product, allowing organizations to quickly assess how much has been damaged.

Barcode systems record uniform data at a standard determined throughout the industry, showing the measurements in terms that are easily understandable. Using the scanners also allows reports to be backed up virtually, ensuring that this information remains accessible long after hard copies have been destroyed. Barcode software is needed for much more than streamlining workflows, as it also protects the business and its property in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

For more information on improving efficiency with barcode technology, download the free white paper entitled "Keeping the Physical World and the Virtual World in Sync" from DMS website today.