3 things to remember when renovating a warehouse

////3 things to remember when renovating a warehouse
Companies may wish to renovate warehouse space for many reasons; they could be upgrading the racking system, or expanding space to handle more orders. Smaller companies may not have a second warehouse or the capital to rent a temporary working space, so many have to work around renovations. This makes it important for managers to ensure operations are productive and renovations stay on schedule. Here are some things to remember when renovating a warehouse: Inventory count systems are efficient Things will be a little hectic during renovations, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases worker productivity by reducing stock search time. Search time may increase during renovations because product-storing locations may be in different places. A system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV is beneficial when renovating a warehouse because physical inventory count can be hard to keep track, and such a system will help employees stay on schedule. Everything follows code The purpose of building codes is to protect the general welfare and health of a building’s occupants. Warehouses must be built to meet all local building, fire and safety codes. Buildings will have different codes based on the design and what the original purpose of the building was, and some codes can conflict with a company’s expansion plans. For instance, a company that wants to expand warehouse space by renovating old office space in the building may run into some issues because warehouses and office spaces were designed to house different tasks. Common warehouse code violations that can affect renovations include:
  • Improper stacking or storage materials. If boxes are stacked too high, it may prevent sprinklers from effectively covering an area.
  • Faulty ventilation systems or equipment.
  • An accumulation of garbage, empty boxes or packaging debris.
  • General unsanitary or unclean working conditions.
  • Plumbing and septic system issues.
Old safety practices are not forgotten A company that still works in its warehouse during renovations may have trouble dealing with all the maintenance. Products still need to be stocked and shipped, but construction can hinder these practices. If a warehouse is disorganized or workers are confused, then old safety practices may be forgotten. For example, boxes may be on the floor or in strange places that hinder renovations, leading to employees tripping or falling. It is rare that warehouse managers would allow boxes to be left on the floor, so they must not let renovations get in the way of employee safety. If your company is still working out of a warehouse during renovations, be prepared for processes to change so customer demands can be met. Some warehouse renovations are small, such as installing or replacing old pallet racks or maximizing space for fork lifts; but other renovations can be quite large such as loading dock maintenance or installing new lighting systems. It’s important to keep safety practices top of mind regardless of renovation size. Warehouse managers looking to learn more information about warehouse systems and physical inventory count can click here to download the Physical Inventory Count Dynamics NAV Module Data Sheet today!