Why it can be good to make WMS mobile

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With a lot of different ERP solutions out there, manufacturers may still need features that improve efficiencies in their operations. This is certainly the case with warehouse management. While barcode scanning and automatic data capture may help, there are a lot of different ways to improve productivity and the speed in which orders are processed. A warehouse management system can provide some benefits, but with most workers using smartphones at this time, businesses should be taking step further. This is where mobile WMS can help by creating another avenue from which to enhance productivity.

A WMS has a lot of options that can automate the process of sending out specific orders to a customer much more efficient, according to TechTarget. That can include a single platform for scanning inventory with different ID tags such as barcodes, radio frequency identification tags and quick response codes. It can also map out the warehouse and use slotting algorithms to sort out where to place items based on the frequency of their orders. This can make a big difference in how rapidly items get sent out. However, what makes mobile WMS unique is that all that information can be delivered to an employee's mobile device, whether it's a smartphone or tablet.

There are a lot of benefits to be made out of using mobile WMS, as Supply and Demand Chain Executive noted. For one, the implementation for such an option is a lot faster and less expensive due to the deployment being done in the cloud. Secondly, the deployment reduces the burden of a company IT department because the programs are usually on a cloud-based system that is stored in an off-site data center by the cloud host. Finally, it allows experts who are skilled in WMS software to handle any problems off-site. 

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