What’s new with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015?

////What’s new with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015?

In September, Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions was a Silver Sponsor at Directions 2014, a trade show for partner developers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It was there that the company was able to receive hands-on access to the new Dynamics NAV 2015. With several new and important features, along with significant improvements to the interface that makes the experience much better for manufacturers and other businesses, there are many things for businesses to look forward to. The software is now available to all new and existing customers, and DMS is ready to implement it for manufacturing firms all over North America. With this in mind, here are some of the major changes that have popped up with this update.

Everything is going mobile
With everyone talking about the cloud, one of the major benefits of using software as a service like Dynamics NAV is the ability to access the software anywhere. Access was previously limited to computers only, making mobility limited to some extent. The most significant change to the ERP system is the addition of a mobile interface for all applications. This interface allows users to access all the features of the software from a tablet, including the Apple iPad and select Google Android devices. The full potential of the cloud has been made available to users.

In anticipation of mobile device users accessing the software from their tablets at home or elsewhere, Microsoft redesigned the Web interface for Dynamics NAV as well. It's a lot lighter and loads faster than before. This is particularly useful for remote access, as well as tablets that may be accessing the ERP system over mobile Internet connections. Several screens have also been condensed so that processes, such as invoicing, can all be done in one tab.

Customization the key
More importantly, though, these new interfaces allow for a greater degree of customization. With NAV 2015, the company's ERP software and modules can be customized to not only work on the tablet but also perform specifically to the company's business processes. Warehouse inventory can be more easily monitored and orders can be tracked better this way.

"It means existing partners can go out and deploy a very mobile solution with whatever customizations and configurations that the client wants without really having to invest a lot more in training or anything else," said Mark Hamblin, President of DMS.

However, other customization features don't require a mobile device to appreciate. For example, the Role Center, which allows users to assign roles to other users, can now place key performance indicator bars for each role. This has the benefit of allowing managers to track how employees are doing their jobs using a reliable series of metrics. Of course, one of the most important features that have been boasted about the new Dynamics NAV is reporting. Now, users can make custom report layouts using Microsoft Word instead of NAV's native reporting software. That can alleviate a lot of stress for workers and managers who are more familiar with the word processor. In all, with so many new features, Microsoft Dynamics 2015 is something every manufacturer should look forward to.