Warehouse management systems improve customer service

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Running a manufacturing business can be a tricky situation for anyone. However, one of the most difficult matters is handling customers. They often want information on their orders in real time. Being able to placate the needs of consumers who are constantly asking about the part or product that they want can be a tricky matter. Knowing where products are can be helpful in alleviating the concerns of the person on the other line and can make them trust the firm more. This is why a mobile warehouse management system is a good investment for manufacturers everywhere.

Making everything visible
The main benefit of WMS has always been a matter of visibility. In previous years, knowing what products were actually on the floor required constant checking. This was laborious and time consuming, cutting into the costs of running the business. A manufacturer can ill afford to waste time because it doesn't know where a specific item is located that needs to be shipped.

What makes WMS so powerful is that the information is already stored in the software. Once in a while, a worker may inspect inventory through barcode data capture. From there, the information is directed to the WMS and stored. A company can know exactly where certain parts are located. What this means is that any time an order comes in, a manager will know exactly where it is and what to do with it. Not only does this increase efficiency, but when a customer calls or emails asking about the location of the item they purchased, a manager or customer can answer with certainty. That can bring peace of mind to the person, building up trust for the company that leads to repeat business.

With mobile WMS, this process is made simpler by the fact the information can be transmitted and pulled up via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This can help managers working with suppliers create an accurate picture of their current warehouse situation, which can help with contract negotiations.

Getting the product out faster
In addition to increasing the amount of visibility for both consumers and businesses alike, what also helps improve customer service is faster delivery time. Shortening the period between the order and the product's arrival will help improve productivity overall for other businesses and increase profit margins.

What mobile WMS does is shorten the time significantly by having a clear idea of where the product being ordered is. Through the ERP system, a manager can easily locate the part or item ordered in the warehouse and have it shipped out based on when the order was placed. From there, the process for shipping goods is heavily streamlined and lowers the amount of time needed to send them out. A company can map out how products are shipped out based on their popularity, minimizing the amount of time it takes for something to be taken from inventory, packed and then shipped out. This allows for such practices as shipping the same day as the order, according to IDII. By getting what customers need faster, they'll return to buy more eventually.

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