Training is crucial for successful long-term ERP use

////Training is crucial for successful long-term ERP use

Enterprise resource planning platforms, just like any major business application, require educated users to be effective.

Training doesn't have to be particularly long or arduous, but employees need to know how to correctly use the parts of the system they'll be interacting with. An understanding of how different parts of ERP fit together and provide informational streams to guide business decisions benefits the higher level managers and executives at a business as well. For systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, where there are a variety of modules that can involve specific use by employees in offices and on the production floor, training is especially important.

Research into how ERP is used from Aberdeen Group shows that having an explicit training plan in place leads to the best implementation and use of such a system. One of the most important points Aberdeen makes in its report is that continuing attention needs to be paid to ERP – it's not just a system that can be switched on and left to run on its own devices. The technical aspects of the installation process are important – selecting the right vendor, having the IT department in sync with the rest of the company and making sure systems are all compatible lie at the heart of making sure an ERP system is set up correctly. However, employees need to know how to use the software so that it can be correctly and effectively used in the long term.

Plan, document and share
As pointed out by MS Dynamics World, one of the best things a company can do to improve training and boost effectiveness is to store learning materials in a permanent format. This allows knowledge and experience to be captured and shared, instead of lost through the impermanence of strictly verbal communication. This method also provides continual access to information. Employees can easily access training materials as a refresher, and a staff member transferring from one area to another can more easily learn about a new module they hadn't previously used. The benefits extend to new employees. Training can be given in a classroom setting and supplemented with written documents, either in printed or electronic formats.

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