Tight control can handle ERP customization

////Tight control can handle ERP customization

While a customized ERP implementation allows users to integrate applications specific to their business, heavy customization can be hard to manage.

Customizing the platform is important for any business in order to ensure complete integration of the system,but many fear the consequences of difficult additions. In particular, making it their own could lead to a break in the implementation budget, according to ITWeb. The code also needs to be rewritten to support any upgrades to the software, which is yet another job for the user.

Although users have likely heard many horror stories about using a customized system, there are ways to make sure that it remains manageable. The most important factor is to keep the system customization under tight control, according to ERP Focus. Controls for customizing should be explicitly stated in the implementation plan, including types of additions that can be done, who can request them and who can write them.

Many ERP implementations fail because of employee adversity as well. Using the program may demand a change in worker habits, whereas customizing the system would allow them to continue normally. This way, the workers can use the system to improve efficiency, according to CIO.

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