The benefits of slowing down an ERP implementation

////The benefits of slowing down an ERP implementation

The importance and cost of an enterprise resource planning system means that such a platform one of the highest priorities at a company during the selection, implementation and upgrade phases. Manufacturing and warehousing businesses that put a premium on the management of ERP are more likely to get good results from these systems and avoid the problems that come with long downtimes and lack of functionality during a drawn-out implementation period. Companies shouldn't automatically equate an ERP project at the top of the to-do list with a need for speed in terms of completing some parts of the project, however.

There are certainly areas where it pays to have attention to speed as well as detail involved in an ERP project, but organizations should also take their time when necessary. Being mindful and using a slower pace during certain parts of the process will help to locate and highlight ERP components that can be especially useful for a specific business, instead of going along with a generic implementation. Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics NAV have an advantage in this respect, as they can continually build on their systems to create a customized platform without the increased cost and time commitment that the term implies.

Take it slow
Unless a current management system is so outdated as to be a serious detriment to day-to-day operations, companies should strongly consider taking their time when building a new ERP system. Panorama Consulting suggested using the extra time to better define specific business practices and organize internal resources for a smoother internal process. Another area to consider is consultation with front-line workers, manager and department heads to understand what potential ERP modules would lead to greater efficiency on the work floor. Having the complete picture of needs, expected benefits and available resources helps the implementation progress smoothly and stops many potential problems from creeping up. pointed out one of the most important parts of a successful ERP installation is getting the approval of upper management, not just in terms of signing off on a plan but in personal involvement as well. When there isn't a rush to get a system in place as soon as possible, there's more time available to deal with the important considerations such as getting executives onboard and helping everyone to understand how to best use a system.