Tablets offer manufacturing great opportunity for new technology

////Tablets offer manufacturing great opportunity for new technology

Many industries and organizations have seen tablets peeking their heads out on the high-tech side of things, but manufacturing and the supply chain may especially be able to take advantage of these tools, according to software professional Lisa Falzone on TabTimes. The ability for a business to have enterprise resource planning or tracking systemsits fingertips could set it apart from the competition, the source said. 

With these devices in place, organizations can see better communication, connection and progressive concepts that would not otherwise be possible. this means being able to have some things happen in real-time instead of having to wait for results, thereby allowing an organization to become much more efficient.

"Mobile business apps such as point-of-sale, inventory, analytics and order tracking are delivering operational efficiencies and customer service benefits in verticals where speed, mobility and real-time information are critical for survival," Falzone said. "Yet this is just the first phase of mobile business innovation."

Starting to connect tablets with other devices, software and machines within the business can allow a company to operate like a vast enterprise and serve customers better as an end result.

Will it work for the business and its processes?
Forbes contributor Jessica Bosari wrote that each organization should look into whether or not tablets will work with their organization, but the answer is most likely a resounding yes. Every company could stand to move processes to a mobile app in an attempt to become more efficient and effective. These devices should also work to save a company money, she said, as long as there is an actual need for the device and the action it helps perform.

"The increased productivity that comes along with making it easier for traveling employees to stay connected to the workplace is one of the most compelling reasons to purchase at least a couple of tablets," Bosari said.

Industry professional Taryn Cromie wrote on ITWeb that the use of ERP programs with a tablet is a must, as there is a new generation of workers coming into place, many of which expect this type of technology to be enabled for their benefit. If an ERP vendor is not able to give a tablet app, Cromie said the organization may want to find someone else to work with.

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