SaaS becoming more popular for manufacturing software

////SaaS becoming more popular for manufacturing software

Manufacturing software, such as time trackers and ERP, may see a move to the cloud in the near future, according to a recent report by MintJutras. Software-as-a-service-based systems will make up 45 percent of all software used at manufacturing businesses by 2023, according to the report. Scheduling, streamlining, automating and allowing organizations to become multinational are all benefits of utilizing SaaS for a business' software, thereby making them more efficient and profitable. 

Even though this move is predicted to happen, the report said it is important for organizations to make sure they are researching these new tools and solutions and have a clear vision for what should be adopted.

"Not all SaaS providers are created equal, which makes fact-finding and product-exploration vital," said manufacturing software professional Stephen Booze. "This is especially true of enterprise-level companies such as manufacturers, as inadequate functionality and customer support can have negative consequences when issues arise."

As far as what considerations businesses should make when looking into SaaS software, the MintJutras report said:
– Ensure the product has U.S.-based customer support in case any issues pop up
– It should be able to easily integrate into the rest of the business
– The provider should be consistently enhancing program features and functionality
– Enterprise web services, including account managers and secure migration, should be available

Cloud expert Rick Blaisdell wrote on Enterprise CIO Forum that looking into an SaaS-based ERP system will help increase the return on investment, minimize the amount of technical work the organization's staff will have to do, lessen initial investment and increase scalability.

"If you're in the manufacturing industry and consider implementing a cloud-based ERP, look after vendors that developed solutions specifically for manufacturing processes," he said. "But first, analyze your business needs, your internal procedures, if applicable, evaluate the need to integrate multiple plants and processes and then assess if the cloud is the right solution."

Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled "ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy" from the DMS website today.