Remember that modules are very beneficial when it comes to ERP

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For companies in the manufacturing and warehousing industries, enterprise resource planning software is close to a necessity.

In fact, research from Aberdeen Group shows that approximately 75 percent of all manufacturing interests have engaged in some form of ERP implementation. Because there are so many disparate functions that need to be managed – from the work floor to the accounts payable and receivable offices – the flexibility and all-encompassing nature of the platform provide a wide variety of benefits that help save time and money in a range of departments.

One of the major changes that has recently come to the ERP landscape is an increasing use of cloud-based access to systems. Industry source TechTarget reports that cloud accessibility is predicted to increase during coming years, as the increased convenience of gaining insight into operations without having to physically be in the building is enticing. Additionally, cloud-based systems reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain an ERP system, both from the perspective of server space and time allocations by IT staff.

However, cloud-based ERP systems aren't for everyone. While such systems are very secure, they don't provide the same level of security as do systems completely located inside of a company's own servers, with little or no outside access provided. Additionally, switching to a cloud-based system requires a significant change in approach for IT workers and others throughout an organization.

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses looking for a productivity boost without having to institute a shift in cultural thought should consider using a modular ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By using targeted add-on components with a strong base, companies can enhance productivity without having to commit to a wholesale change like moving to the cloud.

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