Reduce ERP anxiety with this advice

////Reduce ERP anxiety with this advice

Selecting an enterprise resource planning system isn't easy by any means. Even when businesses choose the most cost-effective option for their ERP and work with vendors to craft a system that addresses needs without going over budget, such a platform is still a major investment. Companies that want to get the most out of their ERP without having to invest too much money should consider some pertinent advice for maximizing effectiveness without increasing spend:

  • Work with the vendor: The best ERP providers will be able to develop a solution that works for the customer and the vendor. Providers that take the time to work through different possible scenarios and help buyers weigh costs, effectiveness and other concerns should be sought out and valued once found. Because ERP is no longer a solution that comes straight out of the box, businesses need to understand their options in the market as far as the software available and the vendors that provide it. Creating an action plan, matching needs to specific ERP components and establishing an implementation timeline are all advantages that a vendor can help provide. MS Dynamics World suggested sharing limitations and strengths with a potential provider to help craft the best system possible.
  • Consider a modular approach: Using an ERP system built up out of individually selected components helps keep functionality high and overall costs low. Using a platform such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows businesses to have a high level of insight into both the creation and the function of their ERP software. Because needs can be addressed based on severity and overall business impact, organizations can direct their immediate ERP budget toward getting the "must-have" modules and be in a position to add more to the system down the line.
  • Have a training and implementation plan: pointed to the need for an effective training strategy as one of the most important components of ERP use. Without a concept in place for teaching employees about how to use a system and get the most out of it, efficiencies will be left on the table and the return on investment from ERP won't be as high as possible. Companies that plan ahead in terms of training and implementation can get more out of their ERP.

Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled "ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy" from the DMS website today.