Organizations flourish through successful NAV implementation

////Organizations flourish through successful NAV implementation

Among many organizations using Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the U.K. Labour Party, which recently switched over its ERP platform.

The legacy ERP platform became too expensive, leading the organization to look for alternatives. The party wanted a more cost-effective system that would increase efficiency, according to PC Advisor. Launching NAV, they were able to establish a multi-user system that is now accessible at the party's offices across the U.K.

The NAV is traditionally used in businesses to look for trends, create reports and improve the profitability of the company. Nevertheless, it can be adapted to other situations based on the user's needs. The Labour Party, for example, used the financial management application to record financial information, control costs and deliver real-time reports.

The Finance Department of the City of Sherwood, Ore., also used Microsoft Dynamics NAV to keep track of finances. The city saved $50,000 annually by using NAV, according to the city's Finance Director. The system reduced errors and improved decision-making for planners, and project oversight was advanced through more effective performance monitoring. With the continual improvements to the technology, NAV is able to keep up with the needs of the growing city.

NAV was also implemented to keep track of the finances at Cockatoo Ridge Wines. Through NAV, the amount of time it took to generate reports was cut from 12 days to two, according to Cockatoo Ridge Wines' Financial Controller. The company chose a NAV package that was tailored to their industry while being able to be easily modify it to their own specifications. The interface reduced the time needed to produce and analyze reports. Data validation in the program also allows for the organizations to always have accurate, up-to-date information.

Thanks to NAV's new features, the platform will be used by more organizations.

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