The continuing popularity of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an enterprise resource planning system for managing a variety of business practices in the manufacturing, fabrication and warehousing industries has led to continued support and some upgrades from the program's creator.

Microsoft committed to offering yearly updates to the program at the Convergence 2014 conference, held in Atlanta between March 4 and 7. Along with yearly updates, which is good news for businesses that are considering upgrades to their ERP systems in the long term, the software developer also said that the system will be able to run on many different kinds of devices. Increased integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications as well as enhanced document reporting features were announced, according to news site MSDynamicsWorld.

Increased functionality on mobile devices and more
As businesses in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors are utilizing mobile technology more because of portability an access benefits, it may be exciting to learn that Microsoft is planning to develop and boost the mobile functionality of its ERP programs. A tablet-based demonstration was provided at Convergence, showing how Dynamics NAV adapts to a tablet being reoriented and makes use of various touch​-screen functions.

For managers and other users who like to use mobile devices on the production floor or while working remotely, the advancements in presentation and access are good news.

Increased versatility was also highlighted, with the use of remote system logins mentioned by executives. MSDynamicsWorld reports that flexible log-in options, like using Facebook accounts, will be possible with the new build of the software. For cloud-based users, there will also be an option to modify server capability and access as use demands grow or shrink.

Modules increase effectiveness
Along with the base program advancements developed by Microsoft, modules developed by VARs can drastically improve the efficiency of industry- and company-specific functions of ERP. By adding specific components, businesses can increase functionality across a wide variety of business practices, from accounting and bookkeeping to time tracking software and inventory management.

One way that a complete Dynamics NAV solution can help businesses is through use at multiple locations. Research from Aberdeen Group shows that one of the most common reasons for businesses to start using or upgrade their ERP systems is a need to synchronize efforts across all operational areas. By using NAV's cloud capabilities along with specific upgrades, even greater benefits can be realized.