Keep ERP agile with a modular approach

////Keep ERP agile with a modular approach
Making the most of a major investment such as an enterprise resource planning software involves a variety of different factors. Businesses need to make sure they’re putting the right amount of effort into pre-planning and creating a successful framework before a system is installed. The type of ERP system used also plays a part. Companies can maximize their potential for success by choosing a system that is easily adaptable and can be changed on an ongoing basis. Research from Aberdeen group showed that there’s no one clear-cut reason why manufacturers use ERP, so adaptability is a must. A modular ERP platform such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the flexibility that’s needed by so many different kinds of companies in the overall manufacturing field. By building off a strong software backbone with individual modules that add functionality, organizations can create a system that works specifically for them. pointed out that businesses need to focus on essentials when constructing an ERP system. When a system like Dynamics NAV is used, companies can add in the most important parts first, then make continuing improvements and add the parts they want but don’t need right away. To discuss Microsoft NAV solutions for manufacturing, join the Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing LinkedIn group.