How NAV 2015 will benefit manufacturers

////How NAV 2015 will benefit manufacturers

There are a lot of things to like about the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. For starters, everything is now accessible by mobile device. It doesn't matter if a manager or employee uses an iPad or a laptop. They can still access the same information. Just as important, reporting layouts, a lynchpin in many basic business functions, can now be done easily using Microsoft Word. These functions make things a lot less complicated for anyone engaging with ERP software. But how do manufacturers and distributors stand to benefit? It turns out there are a number of advantages .

Being small, thinking big
With the multiple options available for any small manufacturer, NAV 2015 offers something new and flexible that is also affordable. Instead of having to rely on simple accounting software programs for their needs, with a little extra financial investment, they can add a full battery of manufacturing tools on top of what is needed for accounting purposes. A NAV implementation would be extremely affordable considering the tools it offers.

"For the smaller manufacturers, it gives them a cost effective solution that they could either run in the cloud or run on premise," said Mark Hamblin, president of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions.

What makes it cost effective is the cloud. The deployment of NAV 2015 can be done without hardware on the premises, which saves a lot of upfront costs for manufacturers looking toward the future, but without the capital to make drastic changes. In addition, the software is very simple to use. With ERP interfaces accessible through on-premise hardware or on the Web, it allows small companies to grow.

A more connected enterprise
For larger businesses, accessibility plays a much bigger role since they can now access the full ERP software through managers' tablets.

That leads to a lot of possibilities. For one, as Hamblin notes, the workforce can become far more mobile. In one case, an employee at a satellite office located in Europe or Central America wouldn't need to access the ERP software at headquarters through an expensive hardwired setup, but simply through a web browser. In other cases, outside sales teams would be able to access important data direct from the factory floor without having to pull out a laptop.

More importantly are the effects on the assembly line itself. The accessibility of data can create new situations that improve productivity.

"Even in areas like the manufacturing floor, we can now start building different mobility strategies, where you have supervisors walking around with their tablets to check schedules, to keep track of work being done, and to look at downtime," said Hamblin.

With large-scale ERP deployments, the accessibility of information is critical. The expansion to tablets like those running Apple iOS, Windows and Google Android will greatly aid employees both in and out of the office to get what they need to get their work done.

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