High-tech manufacturers need to use ERP

////High-tech manufacturers need to use ERP

Every manufacturer has likely dealt with ERP implementation at some point. However, this process may have taken place years ago at some firms, which means it may be time to take another look at new technology. A recent white paper by the International Data Corporation titled “Get Customers Inspired – A Call to Action for High-Tech Manufacturers” said these companies are not utilizing ERP as well as they could be.

The reason, according to 45 percent of survey respondents, is a lack of back and front-office integration at their organization. This means enterprises are likely inundated by slow processes, something that can be a noticeable turnoff for customers. The inability to adapt to quick processes and access data immediately could end up hurting an organization.

Other numbers from the report found:
– 35 percent of companies believe ERP is vital to their business’ customer service; this number moves up to 80 percent for enterprises with 5,000 employees or more
– 28 percent need ERP for everyday business operations
– 26 percent believe the way in which services are delivered and reported is extremely important for the success of businesses

A white paper from The Aberdeen Group and Dynamic Management Solutions found that ERP implementation in manufacturing has happened at 92 percent of businesses, but the level of functions at most companies is not up to par. Organizations have many incentives to adapt to new times, the paper said, including the fact that 47 percent of best-in-class ERP users have real-time collaboration compared to 33 percent of others. This shows the value of the program, as business have the potential to be able to know what is going correctly and to figure out if anything that may be going awry as soon as it occurs.

Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled “ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy” from the DMS website today.