Have an ERP implementation plan to get the most out of your system

////Have an ERP implementation plan to get the most out of your system

Establishing or upgrading an enterprise resource planning solution for businesses should involve a significant amount of preplanning.

The choices made about which company and which system is used will continue to influence operations long after the final payment to the provider is made. A major change to ERP should include the best possible outcomes, from increased efficiency to reduced waste and improved cost savings.

Putting the right people on an implementation team – the group that will determine the specifics of the ERP platform used and help identify areas of unique and notable need – is an important step in the process, according to business source WorksManagement. Companies should also make sure their ERP implementation strategy includes time to work with employees to demonstrate technical usage details and encourage them to properly utilize the system.

Listen to staff as well as vendors
Understanding the needs of the various teams, departments and functions of a company, especially those with uncommon requirements, can go a long way toward choosing the right ERP platform. A clear list of a few major, non-negotiable concepts can be one part of a strategy, as some needs are too important to change.

Decision-makers may also work with providers to understand how a different setup can lead to a solution of equal or better suitability. A sectional ERP system can help drive success in this respect, making program customization easy without having to alter an entire system. The NAV system and its Microsoft Dynamics modules allow special concerns and unique needs to be addressed by adding a targeted sub-program focused on specific requests.

Best-in-class applies to purchasers as well
Although ERP providers are commonly ranked in terms of how well they provide services and engage in customer-oriented, beneficial practices, companies setting up ERP plans also have some statistics based on successful implementation, compiled by Aberdeen Group.

A common distinguishing factor of companies successfully adding ERP is the ability to have a concise plan for installation before a provider is selected – 85 percent of best-in-class companies take this step. These top organizations overwhelmingly take two other important steps during the process: selecting a dedicated manager of ERP implementation, at 84 percent, and a phased deployment process, at 81 percent.

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