Flexibility and communication are key traits for ERP providers

////Flexibility and communication are key traits for ERP providers

Updating and optimizing enterprise resource planning offerings for your organization may seem like a daunting task because there are a wide variety of options available.

Determining the best fit for your organization’s ERP implementation needs may include a variety of considerations. The effectiveness and customizability of the software platform is important for companies looking to get the most out of ERP, while the accessibility and responsiveness of the provider – in terms of initial setup and continuing support – can help differentiate between vendors.

WorksManagement recently discussed the more personal characteristics of deciding which organization can provide the best ERP software.

Understanding and flexible
The ability of an ERP provider to provide a level of stability in terms of past history is important, as is the demonstration of past transactional relationships with satisfied customers. Effective communication about implementing complex services like warehouse inventory management is important when it comes to choosing a provider. WorksManagement points out that functional information sharing techniques often lead to more complete overall service.

Flexibility can be demonstrated both in vendor discussions with clients and in the type of software provided. For manufacturers and fabricators, the changeable nature of Microsoft Dynamics modules – add-ons to the base NAV program that help businesses increase efficiency and locate cost savings based on industry, segment and individual needs – can prove to be a significant benefit. The NAV modules can be added during initial installation and setup or later on, as business needs and requirements increase and change.

Transitional support to using an ERP system for the first time, or for a switch from one program to another, is also a characteristic that businesses may seek out. A high level of customer support can indicate that providers are interested in the long-term success of their clients and of their products as well. A vendor’s aptitude in answering general and specific questions about its product can demonstrate competence in the field.

Ability to integrate
One of the characteristics that distinguishes the best ERP providers from others in the field is the ability to integrate a variety of business practices into a single system, according to a report from Aberdeen Group. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, because of its modular and changeable nature, allows organizations to target specific areas to focus on with respect to combining data flows from different departments.

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