Fewer manufactures tie social media in with ERP

////Fewer manufactures tie social media in with ERP
Fewer manufacturing organizations that use enterprise resource planning tools, such as Dynamics NAV, may soon be looking to integrate these tools with social media, according to a recent report. In 2010, 58 percent said they were interested in converging these systems; however, only 54.8 percent said they wanted to do so in this year’s study. “We are seeing less interest in integrating social media to ERP, and more interest in applying some of the usability and communication methods people find so compelling in social media and replicating them directly in the software,” according to David Anderson, director of the company that undertook the report. This trend, which is referred to as “enterprise 2.0,” is something Anderson said his organization is committed to, as it is simple and more user-friendly. He said these tools allow employees to become more familiar with communication tools in a secure manner, which can help engage workers and allow more knowledge to become part of the business structure. Enterprise Apps Today said many ERP vendors have been reluctant to move into social media thus far, but it can be useful to help draw information into the application. Transferring data like days sales outstanding from an account application into a news feed can add value to assessment of data. Derek Singleton, an ERP analyst at Software Advice, told the news source it is hard to tell thus far whether this is something that will make a big difference in the ERP market. Social media features may still be important Research from the Aberdeen Group said there are now different demands on employees and the business systems they use. “As older generations move out of the workforce and younger employees that have been raised on technology gain in number, employees demand business systems that are modern and reflect the ways in which they utilize technology outside of work,” Nick Castellina of Aberdeen wrote. Conducting interviews with many users of ERP programs, Aberdeen’s study found that many organizations actually have trouble recruiting young talent to run their business when they are lacking in business management technology such as ERP. It will remain to be seen whether social media functionality starts to play a big role in this as well, but organizations may have to start keeping track of whether this is something up-and-coming employees enjoy using. Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled “ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy” from the DMS website today.