ERP may work best with manufacturing systems

////ERP may work best with manufacturing systems

Organizations have been more readily investing in manufacturing technology such as inventory management systems. Luigi De Bernardini wrote on Automation world that one of the central elements of these initiatives should be an updated enterprise resource management. Dynamics NAV and manufacturing technology work together for many reasons, he said, including helping suit ERP for the shop floor.

“The systems must communicate and act as a seamless whole to allow the manufacturing industry to meet the dynamic demands coming from customers, regulators, suppliers and even internal staff,” he said.

Bringing these systems together can also make production much faster, converge the positive aspects of both pieces of software and easily integrate sections of the business that were formerly siloed. De Bernardini said the systems also benefit each other, as ERP knows the information, but the manufacturing software knows how to undertake the task.

Industry professional Jeff Hanson wrote on that traditional manufacturing organizations are just starting to get comfortable with technology like ERP and inventory management systems. Significant benefits will be more fully realized in the next few years.

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