ERP implementation aids fireworks distributor

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With the Fourth of July around the corner, fireworks distributors are using ERP implementation to counter overwhelming demands and keep track of industry trends. In a time when their business is at its most profitable, the solution has been able to optimally manage their inventory.

B.J. Alan Company, best known for producing Phantom Brand Fireworks, has adopted ERP technology for managing its business in over 1,200 temporary locations. The company needed something to help manage their product distribution, as over 90 percent of its business is in June, according to The Data Center Journal. With the large demand leading up to the holiday, the company was able to find a solution that would be up to the task. The ERP solution they chose included features such as the ability to manage real-time accounts, easily train employees, conduct real-time inventory counts and support quick implementation.

Many adopters of the technology are worried about the difficulty using the platform, however, it can benefit the business through its accurate reports and its swift processes. In the case of Phantom Fireworks, the system also has information on competitive deals and ensures that state safety regulations are met. This allows the business to maximize the system, even with limited end user training. The systematic use of access control will also help the business to maintain its inventory in overpowering situations.

"People stop by inventory storage, pick up parts they need and forget to write down what they took," Andi Gray, President of Strategy Leaders Inc., wrote in a column for Westfair Business Publications. "Clients don't get charged. Parts disappear. Profits decline. Who wants that? You work too hard negotiating prices with clients to give back even a small portion of profits through loss of control."

ERP solutions help businesses to efficiently and accurately manage inventory. The recordings help track industry trends and provide reports showing what stock should be ordered. Using these features, companies will be able to be effective even during the busiest periods.

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