ERP data security is paramount in an implementation

///, Warehouse Management/ERP data security is paramount in an implementation

One of the major factors that should be taken into great consideration when implementing a new ERP solution is data security. Most businesses likely have proprietary data they use in their operations that they don't want leaked, according to ERP Focus. They also may have more sensitive customer data that could possibly be stolen by disgruntled employees or hackers. As a consequence, ERP requires a certain level of protection to ensure that the business is safe. This is especially the case with manufacturers with warehouse management systems, since they want to make sure that inventory doesn't get cleverly stolen off the premises.

On the administrative side, one thing that can be done is limit user access to certain parts of the system. For example, a floor worker who works specifically on the assembly line doesn't need access to the warehouse after the product is completed, so he or she doesn't need to look up information in the WMS. Alongside that, users should be audited frequently to ensure that they only utilize software and data they're cleared to work with. To protect from hackers and other outsiders, a generally-accepted practice is to frequently change user passwords, as suggested in another ERP Focus article. That should minimize the risk of data exposure.

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