ERP a changing world in the new year

////ERP a changing world in the new year

Organizations looking for ERP implementation in 2014 will have some issues to weigh, according to Brian Sommer on ZDNet. The industry is undergoing changes, which he said can create challenging moments for those businesses that are under-prepared.

The first big trend he noted was the move toward cloud-based services and away from the more traditional model of utilizing a big-time vendor. While larger companies have been dominant for years, there has been a big move toward providers with cloud solutions that can give their customers better and quicker attention.

Another trend for the new year is a widening gap between companies that gain real insights from their programs and those who do not. At minimum, Sommer said organizations should be gaining efficiency through transactions and facilitation of reporting in order to consider their ERP program successful.

“What is defining success in ERP anymore isn’t the race to be internally efficient and effective,” he wrote. “Success now occurs in how well companies connect their people and systems to all manner of constituents (e.g., customers, machines, prospects, governments, social media influencers, etc.), all kinds of technologies (e.g., machines, handhelds, mobile devices, etc.) and in a myriad number of rapidly changing, highly morphing business processes.”

While there have always been more rigid programs in ERP, he said these pieces of software were never unchanging and rigid. Now is not the time for organizations to become this way, as flexibility and quickness is imperative in today’s business world.

ERP professional Zach Nelson told Enterprise Apps Today that the cloud-based ERP systems will not only gain large ground in 2014, but he also said there will be even more competition among providers than ever. This should be extremely positive for users of ERP software, as Nelson said there will be more options. However, there should be a great level of caution taken when evaluating all of these ERP providers, especially for companies in the manufacturing world where regulations and compliance are king.

Other big trends in 2014
There will also be other big changes, aside from the cloud, coming to ERP in 2014. Here are a few of the notable shifts for the new year:
– Mobile ERP will become more imposing. Eric Kimberling, managing partner at Panorama Consulting Solutions, told Enterprise Apps today that employees and executives alike want more access to data in real time.
– ERP will be more customer-friendly in 2014 to drive consumerism, according to what Jeremy Roche, president and CEO of told the news source.
– More projects that were implemented last year will need to be fixed, Sommer said.

“I suspect that 2014 will be a year of frenzied catchup for many long-delayed and/or incomplete ERP transformation initiatives,” Sommer said. “These projects have to get to full-term before these companies can start to focus on more strategic IT and business unit initiatives. Competitors are running laps around these companies and they need these projects finished – STAT.”

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