Disaster recovery improved with cloud ERP implementation

////Disaster recovery improved with cloud ERP implementation

The Bow and Elbow rivers recently converged on Calgary, Alberta, flooding the city while thousands were evacuated. As the water recedes, businesses begin to look for recovery plans for future disasters.

ERP implementation allows businesses to continually back up their data to servers located either on-site or in the cloud. On-premise servers can be backed up with tapes, but the technology is not foolproof. Forgetting to reprogram the software onto any new servers could mean that new data is not being backed up, according to SimCrest. While it may be possible to regenerate data based on the previous year, many businesses do not have the luxury to predict what their reports had been.

When using the tape method, keeping copies in an off-site location can help to ensure businesses have backup copies of any destroyed data. With cloud-based ERP, it is the responsibility of the provider to maintain the system and secure the information. Software and the ERP system restoration are typically part of a disaster recovery design, according to Inside-ERP. The business must consider what cloud service would best meet their document storage needs.

Having an IT plan is integral to restoring the business in the wake of a disaster. The key to implementing a recovery design is to consistently test it in order to guarantee that it works.

"Determine what you can't live without, and make that the focus of your immediate recovery plan," IT services professional Jonathan Nituch wrote in the Calgary Herald. "Consider the scope of events that can occur.  As we have seen recently, a disaster recovery location that is one block away might not be far enough."

Businesses using ERP and taking the proper precautions may be able to fully restore their data and resume their work after a major calamity strikes. An off-site provider will keep the information safe and assure the company that its data and applications will be waiting for them when they need it most.

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