Considering new additions for an ERP system

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Enterprise resource planning software is a powerful system that influences nearly all parts of a business once installed. ERP's power is obviously a good thing – it creates business efficiencies and allows for greater insight into operations – but it also deserves a level of respect. This is appreciation in the sense that such software, if drastically changed or completely removed, would have far-reaching effects on a company that may not be easily fixed. For this reason, many organizations lean toward the conservative side when upgrading or changing their systems. This approach is prudent, to be sure, but businesses also need to place value on the ability of ERP to expand and provide new advantages that have only recently been created and implemented.

One area where being open to a new addition to ERP should be considered is for manufacturing and warehousing companies that want to have more insight over their inventory. Adding a mobile warehouse management component to a platform can provide advantages that weren't previously possible due to technological limitations. A mobile WMS allows companies to perform inventory counts using a mobile device, going cordless and increasing operational agility on the warehouse floor. This is obviously an advantage over using pen-and-paper tracking, but another major benefit isn't always as apparent. Using mobile WMS allows for the simultaneous counting of inventory in multiple locations, even those separated by large distances.

Focusing on mobile functionality
The growth of mobile devices in both personal and professional lives has changed a variety of industries, from shopping and retail commerce to high finance and even manufacturing. With the rise of smartphones and tablets as mobile and adaptive business tools, it's not surprising that specialized applications for the warehousing and manufacturing fields have been developed. Supply Business pointed to the use of mobile devices as a must for businesses that are upgrading or changing their ERP, as the boosts in productivity can be significant.

As research from Aberdeen Group highlighted, the use of multiple ERP systems is a common issue in the manufacturing and warehousing sphere. To combat the inherent inefficiencies of such a system, businesses should consider using an ERP platform that focuses on flexibility and keeping up with technological changes. Using a modular system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide such an advantage.

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