Common pain points in ERP avoidable with modular solution

////Common pain points in ERP avoidable with modular solution

Although enterprise resource planning software covers a wide variety of industries and functionalities, there are some concerns that are widespread among many users of the software.

According to a report from TechTarget, the two most common issues that users  have with such software are customization and integration with other systems in the workplace. Businesses in the manufacturing, fabrication and warehousing fields may be especially prone to issues involving these two concepts, as their use of ERP often involves the integration of a wide variety of disparate functions, from accounting to work on the factory floor.

Unless these concerns are addressed effectively, they can cause the significant cost and time savings created through the process of ERP implementation to be noticeably reduced.

One way that concerns over customization and integration may be addressed is through the use of modular ERP like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This kind of program involves targeted add-ons that provide support for specific business functions – effective customization that doesn’t involve too much commitment in the way of complexity or cost. Integration with other work systems is also easier as specific modules can be selected and used in conjunction with other programs.

Research from Aberdeen Group shows that one of the most common reasons that businesses adopt ERP is the ability to quickly react to change without having to deal with slowdowns or disruptions. This ability is enhanced when ERP programs can work with other organizational software platforms and focus on the specific needs of a company. Whether your business is considering the adoption of ERP for the first time or a switch to a more effective system, keep these concerns in mind during the selection process.

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