Cloud computing saves energy with ERP implementation

////Cloud computing saves energy with ERP implementation

Cloud computing, when optimized via an ERP implementation, has recently become a functional way for companies to save energy.

While the cloud enables businesses to enhance their efficiency, a study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University demonstrates that cloud computing can also help businesses to conserve energy. By switching email, productivity software and customer relationship software to cloud services, organizations would cut spent energy by 87 percent, which is enough electricity to power Los Angeles for a year.

Experts like Urs Hoelzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure at Google, also believe that cloud computing will replace many servers and data centers because of its ability to conserve energy. With 4.9 million servers operating, the total number could be reduced to 85,500 by switching to cloud services.

"Simply put, companies that manage their own servers and data centers often only use 10 to 20 percent of their available computing cycles, according to general industry estimates," Forbes reported. "The rest of those cycles, and the energy required to generate them, go to waste."

With new interest in the technology, many businesses will start looking into using the cloud for improving their own efficiency. Advances then must be made to accommodate a wider range of business users, according to Wired. Complex computing can currently be handled by the cloud, however, for users that are looking for more ease, the cloud will be asked to adapt in order to meet their needs.

ERP software in a cloud environment allows the mobility that many businesses are looking for along with the ability to continuously add new capabilities. Cloud-based ERP also has lower costs, quick upgrades, improved accessibility and easier integration for small businesses in comparison to hosted ERP, according to Utilizing the fastest growing software in the industry, users will see a significant difference in their productivity and efficiency.

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