Cloud-based ERP developing but not ready yet, says Microsoft executive

////Cloud-based ERP developing but not ready yet, says Microsoft executive

Businesses looking for an effective enterprise resource planning solution should consider the current market for such products when making a decision.

Although there has been a lot of justifiable excitement over the possible joining of cloud-based computing solutions with the functionalities of ERP, a software platform featuring total integration of the two concepts has not yet been completely established, Microsoft Business Solutions Group executive Kirill Tatarinov was reported to have said by business news site CRN.

Flexibility and access, two of the features that cloud-based software emphasizes, can also be achieved through the use of a modular ERP program. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one such platform that utilizes the custom addition of modules to enhance the usefulness and experience of the software. Add-ons are based on the individual needs of a given business based on its location in its industry and market segment.

The Wall Street Journal points out that disagreements over the nature of different ERP solutions often stem from businesses wanting to develop a variety of different programs, from all-in-one platforms to a collection of discrete services. Module-based systems may offer the best of both concepts, as a strong backbone for a program can be further developed with targeted additions.

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