Building an ERP selection team

////Building an ERP selection team

When starting the process of implementing a new ERP system, it's important to make the right choice for software. A solution that fits the needs of a specific business, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 for manufacturers, can yield a lot of positive benefits for all members of the company. However, making the wrong choice is still possible and can cost a lot of money over the long term. It's essential to have a system in place that makes the decision-making process a lot smoother and more credible. Developing a team that specializes in selecting ERP can make a major difference in choosing the optimal system.

Leadership in different measures
A selection team should have strong leadership from the top. The two key players in this respect would be a dedicated ERP project manager and a C-level executive such as the chief technical officer. The manager would be the one looking at the software itself to see what would work best in the company's current situation and business model. It would be ideal if this person has prior experience working on an ERP implementation project as well as training in specific software to help determine which systems work best for the business. His or her choice should be backed by prior history and understanding business needs, not just what ERP sales representatives pitch to the team.

Meanwhile, the executive should be managing the selection process like a mediator. What this person wants is not to make a choice as fast as possible, but to make an informed choice with the expectation that the staff at the company will fully back it. That way, the transition process runs smoothly with few errors.

Accepting by consensus
The other members of the ERP selection team should be made up of stakeholders from each company department, according to ERP expert Alexis Leon. That includes sales, production, accounting and others. When gathering these people, a good principle is to keep the door open to any ideas that can help with the project. This will make team members feel like their part of the company is being properly represented. If problems arise, they should be worked out with the team and project manager. The priority is to establish a consensus on the ideal ERP solution, so that there is less resistance from within the company during the transition process.

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